Sunny A. M. Fitzgerald is a freelance writer, recently published in Cultural Survival Quarterly and Kama’aina Magazine, a publication that celebrates the culture of aloha and encourages connections within the Hawaiian community. She is also a program manager for faculty-led, international programs provider, Academic Experiences Abroad, and co-founder of Heretic Honey, a women’s apparel and accessories boutique with a two-fold mission:

1) To support the right of women to define themselves – and what they believe to be beautiful – as they choose. 2) To support independent artists through co-creation and marketing of products that showcase their unique talents, stories, and cultural traditions.

Sunny has lived, studied, and worked around the world as a writer, teacher, program coordinator, and international student advisor.  Her former column, “Grown Local, Gone Global,” served to connect readers with communities and cultures she met in her travels.  Sunny earned an MA in Cultural Sustainability from Goucher College, received her undergraduate degree from Middlebury College, holds a TESOL certificate, and is a former Association of Teachers of Japanese Bridging Project Scholar, and a Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholar.  Oh, and she loves papayas, plumeria, competitive cooking shows, and, of course, long walks naps on the beach.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Plumeria… I had to look that up! Pretty. I bet they smell good…
    Papayas, yes! Nice blog :)

    • Plumeria are heavenly indeed! Second only to my other fave flower, tuberose. And the papayas…not only are they uber ono, but also super healthy. And great for fresh fruit smoothies :)

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